Jessica Olive

As per November 11, 2019

Height: 36.5 in       Weight: 33.2 lbs         Shoe size: 7        Clothing size: 2/3T

  • Says “Wookit” & “Bwinwee” because she cannot pronounce her l’s
  • Calls me mama & is attached like velcro
  • Copies everything Brynlee says & does
  • Walks around saying she has ‘a midget’ (aka message)
  • Still down with that nap life
  • 50/50 shot of getting her shoes on the right feet
  • Loves walking her big sis to school
  • Her robot voice is terribly good & accurate
  • Wants to be a horsie when she grows up
  • Fav colour: pink (like her big sis)
  • Fav toy: Scruffles
  • Fav game: ‘games’
  • Fav food: pancakes (but will eat practically anything)
  • Has finally grown tolerant of going through the car wash
  • Loves to be naked & all that entails
  • Always down for a bubble bath
  • Requests ‘Story of my Life’ before bed at night
  • Leads with her gut and has the HEAVIEST footsteps
  • Will jump down an entire flight of stairs if you happen to be holding her hand
  • Drapes a blanket on her head and pretends to be a ghost
  • Jumps off the end of our bed & plugs her nose?
  • Loves to sit with her head in her hands
  • Has a special spot for Daddy & loves to wrestle with him
  • Is utterly hilarious and sweet

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