Off to Kinder

We blinked!

Our little Pokémon loving lady is off to kindergarten in the fall and we cannot believe it! She had a blast during her first ever school year and it was great having the girls at the same school. Although the year started masked and unpredictable, Jessie adapted and showed tremendous growth. We are so proud of our little J and cannot wait to see what the next school year brings.

Height: 44.8 in       Weight: 53.2 lbs        Shoe size: 11      Clothing size: Small


Book: Pokémon

Song: the Pokémon theme song

Food: chicken

Treat: s’mores

Animal: horses

Place to go: Mexico

Thing to wear: “what I’m wearing right now: my Jess-o-sarus shirt”

Color: blue and turquoise

Friends at school: Tucker and Ellis

Thing about school: seeing my friends

I want to be a veterinarian for horses when I grow up

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