Jessica Olive

As per November 11, 2019

Height: 36.5 in       Weight: 33.2 lbs         Shoe size: 7        Clothing size: 2/3T

Says “Wookit” & “Bwinwee” because she cannot pronounce her l’s
Calls me mama & is attached like velcro
Copies everything Brynlee says & does
Walks around saying she has ‘a midget’ (aka message)
Still down with that nap life
50/50 shot of getting her shoes on the right feet
Loves to walk her big sis to school
Her robot voice is terribly good & accurate
Craig loves when her voice goes up high into a howl
Wants to be a horsie when she grows up
Fav colour: pink (like her big sis)
Fav toy: Scruffles
Fav game: ‘games’
Fav food: pancakes (but will eat practically anything)
Has finally grown tolerant of going through the car wash
Loves to be naked & all that entails
Always down for a bubble bath
Requests ‘story of my life’ before bed at night
Leads with her gut wherever she goes
Has the heaviest feet while running
Will jump down an entire flight of stairs if you’re holding her hand
Drapes a blanket on her head and pretends to be a ghost
Jumps off the end of our bed & plugs her nose?
Will sit at the table with her head in one hand looking adorable
Has a special spot for Daddy & loves to wrestle with him
Is utterly hilarious and sweet

First Day of Pre-K!

This year Brynlee started the PEP program at a wonderful school in our neighbourhood. It is walking distance from our house and we could not be more happy about that! She in a class with her best friend Charlie and loves to chew a piece of gum on the walk to school each day. Life is good for this beautiful, smart, funny, energetic 4 year old!

Height: 43 ¾ in       Weight: 43.8 lbs        Shoe size: 10.5      Clothing size: XS

Favourites as per September 18.

Book: National Geographic Kids Little Kids First Big Book of Pets

Song: One Hand Up – The Strumbellas

Food: Cheesy Bowties from East Side Marios

Treat: Drumsticks [carmel not fudge]

Thing to do: play with barbies & horses

Animal: bunny rabbits and horses

Place to go: the zoo

Thing to wear: ‘my purple skirt with my unicorn shirt and the shoes that almost look like high heels’

Colour: light pink

When I grow up I want to be an equine vet!


Height: 36 in         Weight: 30.5 lbs         Shoe size: 6         Clothing size: 2/3T

This girl is changing SO much these days that Craig and I knew we needed to jot some stuff down. So here it goes…

  • Calls Taylor Swift “Tire Sweats”
  • Her demeanour & how she says things is either very sassy or extremely sweet
  • She is soooooo affectionate. She gives the best squeezey hugs and wet open mouthed kisses that last for several seconds
  • She is very emotional. Which worries us for the future
  • Would prefer to be naked 100% of the time
  • Thinks the world of her big sis and loves to echo her thoughts
  • Has gone from requesting “Tinkle Tinkle” every night to now adding in One Direction and Tire Sweats songs to her night time repertoire
  • Still napping 1-2 hours per day. Which we plan to hold on to for as long as possible
  • Still sleeping in a crib cause she cray cray but has never attempted an escape
  • Super gentle with animals
  • Shrugs her shoulders when she’s excited
  • Becomes velcro when mama works a bunch
  • Takes a decent amount of time to warm up in social situations
  • Tends to gallop to where ever she’s headed
  • Thinks Daddy is an indestructible jungle gym
  • World’s best 2 year old sharer
  • Will occasionally be resistant to letting us do her hair. So she ends up looking like a 12 year old emo kid
  • Surprises us every single day with the words she uses and the sentences & questions she strings together
  • Is straight up hilarious. We couldn’t love her more

As per July 2019