Jessica Olive These Days


[as per May thirtieth]

Green eyes, stick straight poofy asian hair, fair skin like her Daddy

Loves to dance, clap & sing just like her sister

Looks mostly like her mama

Pulls out anything you put in her hair

Obsessed with remotes

Gives hugs and kisses whenever you pick her up. & then grabs hold of the skin on the back of your arm to hang on

Has two go-to positions in her car seat: nosey neighbour or asleep

Still a soother babe which is weird for us because Brynlee ditched hers at 6 months. Hasn’t really transitioned to a ‘lovey’ but loves to snuggle & squish anything soft and cuddly

Bedtime: 6:30pm. When she’s ready for bed she starts pulling her hair and swanton dives for her crib

Crawls at lightening speed, pulls herself up on everything but refuses to stand or attempt to walk on her own

Master of the stairs. Up & down

Can motor around the park unassisted. However slightly fearless and partly oblivious. Goes down the slide head first on her tummy

Bear crawls on the grass

Has 4 molars

Big into people watchin’

Favourite cupboard is inside the tupperwear cupboard

Loves to unpack bags and pull out  A L L  of the wipes

Totally food motivated. Crazy for cookies

Pretty easy going…… until she’s not. Or you try and wipe the cookie crumbs off her face

Terrible traveller

Our littlest babe


This is Three

birthday dancing

We had the most amazing time celebrating Brynlee’s third birthday in Maui. We ogled at fishies during the day at the Maui Ocean Centre & enjoyed some deep dish at Lahaina Pizza Company in the evening. To top off the day our little was serenaded with Happy Birthday by the entire restaurant before enjoying a scrumptious birthday dessert.

Our little girlie has big thoughts, wild dreams and a crazy imagination. She loves horses and wants to be an astronaut (& a million other things) when she’s older. Her favourite colour is blue, she loves hard and is adored by her entire family. She is eager to learn, help and explore the world around her. She is compassionate, thoughtful and often the loudest one in the room. When you hear her full bellied laugh or see her ear to ear grin, you can’t help but smile & chuckle to yourself.

She made me a mama & this is three.


Colour: blue & green (just like Daddy)

Number: 5 4 2 3 4 5 blast off

Book: Oopsie Daisy Here Comes Maisy

Food: chocolate & orange spicy chips (Mexican Doritos)

Drink: chocolate milk and white milk

Animal: all of them. But dogs & horses and cows

Toy: Bunny Bunbun & blankie

Shape: triangles

Thing to do at the park: go down the slide & under duckie on the swings

Thing to do in the backyard: throw a ball for Floydie

Best friend: all of my cousins

Silly words she cannot pronounce

  • elevator : alligator
  • ambulance : angalince
  • school bus : scoobus
  • hospital : hostipull
  • animal : aMimal
  • nutella : hella-tella
  • paw patrol : paw t’trol



Jessica Olive Turns One


On March 23rd, our littlest babe turned one. While Craig was at work we celebrated with helium balloons, birthday hats and as per a request by Brynlee – ice cream cone cupcakes with icing and sprinkles! That evening we celebrated with Craig’s family as we were leaving for Maui with mine a couple days later. It was small, it was memorable & I cannot believe she is already one!


crib ballooncrib-3ice cream cone-2ice cream cone

Maui Bucket List



  • Duke’s Beach House
  • Slappy Cakes
  • The Fish Market Maui
  • Aloha Mixed Plate
  • Fleetwood’s on Front Street
  • Kihei Caffe
  • Paia Fish Market
  • Ono Gelato
  • Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice
  • Honolulu Cookie Co.
  • Paia Gelato


  • Kahekili Beach
    • Surfing and SUP
  • Ka’anapali Beach
  • Baby Beach
    • Snorkeling
  • Ulua Beach
  • Makena Beach
    • Snorkeling around Molokini Crater


  • Lahaina
    • Play at the Banyan Tree Park
    • Visit the Lahaina Animal Farm
    • Hit up Friday Art Night in Lahaina
    • Ride the Sugar Cane Train between Ka’anapali and Lahaina
  • Whale Watching
  • Road to Hana – Twin Falls
  • Attend a Luau or Ulalena
  • Drive up to Haleakala
    • Surfing goat dairy farm
    • Ali’i Kyla Lavender Farm
  • Go on a hike
    • Waihee Ridge Trail
    • Iao Valley
  • Maui Ocean Centre & Mini Golf and Sports Park
  • Atlantis Submarine
  • Take a helicopter tour of the island
  • Send the boys for a round of golf
  • Target. duh…


Banff, Alberta

Earlier this month we headed down to Banff, Alberta. Both girls did exceptionally well on the drive and Jessie saw the Rocky Mountains for the first time ever! Mom & Dad were able to snowboard for the first time in F O U R years and it was [thankfully] just like riding a bike! Papa & Lola treated us to some delicious dinners and before heading home we made the mandatory pit stop at the Banff Candy Store for some delicious goodies!

Ps – if you ever want the Banff Candy Store/Banff Ave all to yourself, visit on a weekday at 10am!

Banffcandy storebanff avecandy shop