Cake Smash: Ronan


At the beginning of March, Jess & I invited Brit & Ronan to join us for a duo cake smash session! Our amazing friends at Sculpt Barre West were so kind to let us use their studio again and we had an absolute blast! The two kiddos had fun tearing it up in studio, sharing veggie straws (amongst many other various snacks), and digging into their beautiful & scrumptious cakes. I still cannot believe that they’re already a whole year old… and have the personalities to match!

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Cake Smash: Anya


Over the past few months, I’ve gotten to know this little lady more & more. She has the most beautiful big brown eyes, great rhythm & is now a whole YEAR old! I absolutely adored her joint cake smash with our good friends Harlee & Shalin. She is an absolute doll and I cannot wait to capture more memories & milestones in the future!

**A special thank you goes out to The Art of Cake for the gorgeous cupcake


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Cake Smash: Harlee


This spunky, energetic & gorgeous little girl just turned ONE! Which blows my mind because I feel like it was just weeks ago that I was taking maternity photos for her parents. This little miss always seems to be the centre of attention… even in a crowded room. She has an indescribable love for cheese buns & good music. And she is the most even-tempered little lady that I have ever come across to date.

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Cake Smash: Charlie

Charlie Cake Smash-2.jpg

Miss. Charlie will be ONE on the 22nd and I have a total soft spot for this little beauty. Mainly because she’s a halfer just like me (half white, half flip) but also because her parents are the most genuine couple I know! Jess works in peds cardiology and Arch was my educator in PICU. Frequently I’d see these two strolling down the hallway, her hand in his, heading home after a rewarding day at work.

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Cake Smash: Ava

This beautiful girl turns ONE tomorrow! It has been an absolute blast watching Ava grow up and learn new things alongside Brynlee. The two girls are best friends and love story-time, music class and drop in gymnastics. Ava had so much fun smashing her cake, playing with the balloons and scootin’ all over the room. I am certainly looking forward to taking more pictures of this gorgeous girl and her amazing family!

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