Cake Smash: Charlie

Charlie Cake Smash-2.jpg

Miss. Charlie will be ONE on the 22nd and I have a total soft spot for this little beauty. Mainly because she’s a halfer just like me (half white, half flip) but also because her parents are the most genuine couple I know! Jess works in peds cardiology and Arch was my educator in PICU. Frequently I’d see these two strolling down the hallway, her hand in his, heading home after a rewarding day at work.

Charlie is a walking, talking ray of sunshine and is easily considered Brynlee’s best friend. Although Brynlee is 4 months older, Charlie keeps her on her toes and I swear they discuss all the mischievous things they like to do when they are together. For example: play in the toilet water, unroll the toilet paper, climb and stand on unstable objects, swing on the door of the fridge, etc. These two are going to grow up to be complete trouble makers together and I wouldn’t have it any other way!! It was so hard to pick my favourites from this session… but here are a few 🙂

Charlie Cake Smash-3.jpgCharlie Cake Smash

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