Life These Days

How sweet life is these days. We have seriously lucked out in that Madi is the most perfect third baby. Craig and I often find ourselves asking the other what we did to deserve these three beautiful, happy & healthy children. Life is certainly busy and we are learning to go along with the ebbs and flows.
Brynlee is in full time school and after a little hiccup, she is really enjoying grade 1. She has some new little girlfriends and is beginning to learn to read. Jessie is still our sweet wild child who loves hard and gives the most adorable hugs. She is adapting to school life but is honestly such a home body that she comes home utterly exhausted. & our little Mads. She is honestly just here for the ride. Being hauled to all the girls’ activities and school drop offs. She just smiles from her bucket and is loved beyond measure by all people who meet her.

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