Madi Turns ONE

Our littlest babe is ONE whole year old! She has eight teeth, scoots her way around the house & is adored by her big sisters.

She weighs 24lbs, is nearly 30 inches long & loves to say ‘hiiiiiii’, wave and clap.

We celebrated her special day opening presents and eating cupcakes. & then again with friends and family the following day.

Valentine’s Day

It was Madi’s first Valentine’s Day!
& the first time she had been around balloons. It took a while for her to warm up to them. We also decorated Valentine’s Day cookies with the big girls and they turned out sooo cute. The girls had a blast and they were delicious.

Life These Days

How sweet life is these days. We have seriously lucked out in that Madi is the most perfect third baby. Craig and I often find ourselves asking the other what we did to deserve these three beautiful, happy & healthy children. Life is certainly busy and we are learning to go along with the ebbs and flows.
Brynlee is in full time school and after a little hiccup, she is really enjoying grade 1. She has some new little girlfriends and is beginning to learn to read. Jessie is still our sweet wild child who loves hard and gives the most adorable hugs. She is adapting to school life but is honestly such a home body that she comes home utterly exhausted. & our little Mads. She is honestly just here for the ride. Being hauled to all the girls’ activities and school drop offs. She just smiles from her bucket and is loved beyond measure by all people who meet her.

2 Week Check Up

Madi had her first doctor’s visit on April 5th. Dr. Fairgrieve Park was super impressed with her weight gain. She weighed 7lb 10oz and had grown ½ an inch in length. Her physical assessment checked out perfectly as she squirmed and squeaked her way through the appointment.

Madison Lola

Madison Lola Hunt joined our family on March 18th, 2021 at 10:04am. Weighing 6lb 12oz and measuring 19 inches in length, she is (by far) our smallest babe. She was born via scheduled c section at 38 weeks and 1 day and her big sisters are totally smitten with her.

It’s been a busy first few weeks as we’ve celebrated the majority of our families’ birthdays PLUS Easter. But this little girlie is fitting in just fine amongst all the noise and the chaos. We are all glad she is finally here, safe & sound.