Madi These Days

Always wearing a pair of shoes. But not for long because she’s constantly switching them up

Also loves a good winter mitten. Usually only one

Will find you and plop herself in your lap. Often carrying a single sock that she’s pulled off her foot. Your job is to put it back on

Gives the best hugs and smooches after a nap

Crushes trail mix (oops)

Could eat a Lara bar everyday for breakfast

No longer allergic to eggs!

Blows kisses but ends up picking her nose

Finally loves bath time. Especially with her sisters

Zero interest in watching anything on the TV

Loves to take over a cell phone and press things until you’re locked out for 20 minutes

Obsessed with her nose and bee bo (belly button)

Will point to her bed when she’s tired. Loves her crib

Knows she’s in charge of giving Flopyd his meals and treats. Does a questionable job

Needs to sample and eat whatever you’re eating

Always singing

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