Last Day of First Grade

We made it through our first year of grade school! What a transition it was for all of us. Jessie was pretty lost without her built in BFF at home and Craig occasionally went a few days without seeing her. But when we were all home together, we definitely took advantage.

Brynlee showed tremendous growth throughout the year. From learning a handful of sight words to reading books and doing addition & subtraction. We are extremely proud of all that she accomplished. Her favourite subject was art (just like her mama) and she’s looking forward to what that looks like in grade 2!

Height: 50.7 in       Weight: 66 lbs        Shoe size: 1      Clothing size: Medium


Book: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Song: Looks like me by Dean Lewis

Food: Salmon and rice

Treat: ice cream

Animal: horses

Place to go: Mexico

Thing to wear: overalls

Color: black

Friends at school: Evie, Jill, Reese & Charlie

Thing about school: being with all my friends

I want to be a dolphin trainer and live on a farm when I grow up

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