Last Day of First Grade

We made it through our first year of grade school! What a transition it was for all of us. Jessie was pretty lost without her built in BFF at home and Craig occasionally went a few days without seeing her. But when we were all home together, we definitely took advantage.

Brynlee showed tremendous growth throughout the year. From learning a handful of sight words to reading books and doing addition & subtraction. We are extremely proud of all that she accomplished. Her favourite subject was art (just like her mama) and she’s looking forward to what that looks like in grade 2!

Height: 50.7 in       Weight: 66 lbs        Shoe size: 1      Clothing size: Medium


Book: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Song: Looks like me by Dean Lewis

Food: Salmon and rice

Treat: ice cream

Animal: horses

Place to go: Mexico

Thing to wear: overalls

Color: black

Friends at school: Evie, Jill, Reese & Charlie

Thing about school: being with all my friends

I want to be a dolphin trainer and live on a farm when I grow up

Valentine’s Day

It was Madi’s first Valentine’s Day!
& the first time she had been around balloons. It took a while for her to warm up to them. We also decorated Valentine’s Day cookies with the big girls and they turned out sooo cute. The girls had a blast and they were delicious.

Life These Days

How sweet life is these days. We have seriously lucked out in that Madi is the most perfect third baby. Craig and I often find ourselves asking the other what we did to deserve these three beautiful, happy & healthy children. Life is certainly busy and we are learning to go along with the ebbs and flows.
Brynlee is in full time school and after a little hiccup, she is really enjoying grade 1. She has some new little girlfriends and is beginning to learn to read. Jessie is still our sweet wild child who loves hard and gives the most adorable hugs. She is adapting to school life but is honestly such a home body that she comes home utterly exhausted. & our little Mads. She is honestly just here for the ride. Being hauled to all the girls’ activities and school drop offs. She just smiles from her bucket and is loved beyond measure by all people who meet her.

Halloween 2021

This year Brynlee decided she wanted to be Hermione from Harry Potter for Halloween. So in true Jess fashion, Jessie chose to be Hermione’s cat, Crookshanks. Madi dressed up in the same ladybug costume that both girls wore for their first Halloweens. It was a little tight.

Craig and I talked after the girls went to bed & he said that this was the first time that he genuinely missed our old house. I had a lot of feelings about leaving Normandeau since it was the first house I moved out into. It was the place that we brought all three of our babies home to and there are just so many meaningful memories there.
Anyways we got maybe 40-50 trick or treaters when we’re used to having 200-300. Craig took the girls to our old street after ours died down and he said that Normandeau was still suuper busy. I guess you can’t have it all.

Grade One

Brynlee started full day school this year and I FREAKING miss her. She is such a light in this house and it is much quieter without her here.

But. I know that she is where she belongs. She is smart, bubbly and excited to make new friends. A lover of horses, winking & new adventures.

Height: 49¼ in       Weight: 58 lbs        Shoe size: 1      Clothing size: Small/Medium


Book: I have lots of favourite books. But if I had to choose I would pick The Three Unicorns and the Big Bad Dragon. And also Harry Potter

Song: My Lighthouse by Rend Collective (my friend Reece is so good at singing it)

Food: pancakes, pizza and marshmallows

Treat: s’mores

Animal: horses

Places to go: Claire’s, Costco and home

Things to wear: t shirts and shorts. Not dresses. But sometimes sweaters

Colour: rainbow, silver and gold

I want to be a horseback rider when I grow up

B Starts Kindergarten

This year, despite all the weird and wacky things going on in the world, Brynlee started kindergarten. When asked what she was most excited about she said making and playing with friends.

Height: 46 ½ in       Weight: 52.3 lbs        Shoe size: 12      Clothing size: Small


Book: anything with animals – National Geographic books

Song: Tomorrow from the Annie soundtrack

Food: cheese pizza

Treat: caramel drumsticks (of course)

Animal: alicorns, unicorns, pegasus, and horses

Places to go: Elsa’s castle (The Ice Castles) and the zoo

Thing to wear: my pink unicorn dress from Lola

Colour: rainbow, gold, silver and pink

I want to be a dolphin trainer and horse rider when I grow up!

A Couple of Cuties

It’s always neat to see how these girls are both similar and different from one another.

Brynlee turns FIVE

Height: 45.25 in      Weight: 46.1 lbs         Shoe size: 11       Clothing size: XS

I don’t even know where to begin with this sweet beautiful soul. She is thoughtful, kind, determined, creative, inquisitive, and brave. I cannot believe that she has already graced this earth FIVE whole years and continues to change our lives in the most positive and impactful ways.

She loves horses, dolphins and puppies, playing with friends, drawing, being outside, dressing up and using her imagination. She is excited to learn new things at school and make new friends, she is kind and compassionate with her sister, and loves us with her whole heart. I can’t wait to see what this next year brings!