We have a walker

Today this little lady crawled over, grabbed her swim suit from the drying rack, stood up and walked away…

July 17, 2018

Father’s Day

fathers day

Happy Father’s Day to the best girl dad out there. Because of you, our girls will grow up to be strong, smart, confident women. They will always have someone to talk to, pull down the chocolate from the top shelf in the pantry, and play dress up & race around the backyard with. But most importantly, they will always know what it means to be loved.

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Jessica Olive These Days


[as per May thirtieth]

Green eyes, stick straight poofy asian hair, fair skin like her Daddy

Loves to dance, clap & sing just like her sister

Looks mostly like her mama

Pulls out anything you put in her hair

Obsessed with remotes

Gives hugs and kisses whenever you pick her up. & then grabs hold of the skin on the back of your arm to hang on

Has two go-to positions in her car seat: nosey neighbour or asleep

Still a soother babe which is weird for us because Brynlee ditched hers at 6 months. Hasn’t really transitioned to a ‘lovey’ but loves to snuggle & squish anything soft and cuddly

Bedtime: 6:30pm. When she’s ready for bed she starts pulling her hair and swanton dives for her crib

Crawls at lightening speed, pulls herself up on everything but refuses to stand or attempt to walk on her own

Master of the stairs. Up & down

Can motor around the park unassisted. However slightly fearless and partly oblivious. Goes down the slide head first on her tummy

Bear crawls on the grass

Has 4 molars

Big into people watchin’

Favourite cupboard is inside the tupperwear cupboard

Loves to unpack bags and pull out  A L L  of the wipes

Totally food motivated. Crazy for cookies

Pretty easy going…… until she’s not. Or you try and wipe the cookie crumbs off her face

Terrible traveller

Our littlest babe


Jessica Olive Turns One


On March 23rd, our littlest babe turned one. While Craig was at work we celebrated with helium balloons, birthday hats and as per a request by Brynlee – ice cream cone cupcakes with icing and sprinkles! That evening we celebrated with Craig’s family as we were leaving for Maui with mine a couple days later. It was small, it was memorable & I cannot believe she is already one!


crib ballooncrib-3ice cream cone-2ice cream cone

4 Months

Monthly Jessyyy

This little beauty is already over 4 months old and weighs 16lbs 11.6oz. She is 24.75in long and already has her two bottom teeth (which I find crazy because Brynlee got her first tooth at 8 months!!). Accompanying her two little chompers is non-stop drool, tons of snuggles & the want and need to put everything in her mouth – including her adorable little toes! Her favourite things are watching her sister play, jumping [falling asleep] in the jolly jumper & bath time. She can roll from her tummy to her back and enjoys popping her soother in & out of her mouth.

Things I want to remember about right now:

  • how her tiny jaw quivers ever so slightly when she nurses
  • the feeling of her body getting heavier & heavier as she drifts off to sleep
  • the sound of her adorable baby raspy voice as she coos & babbles

Navigating Life With Two


This week my Mom and I took the girls to the Muttart Conservatory. I’ve realized that planning activities in the morning – whether it be a special outing or a quick trip to the park, makes life with two kids much easier. I’ve recently made it a priority to stick to routine and be back home by nap time. This is because Brynlee experienced a significant sleep regression when we switched her to her big girl room and again when Jess showed up. Nap time was hit or miss for a few weeks in our house and it was extremely hard on all of us. Now with a newborn, I definitely count on Brynlee’s afternoon snooze to catch up on some zzzzz’s myself.

Anyways, back to the Muttart. I had only been there once before but knew it would be a hit with Brynlee. While we toured the pyramids, I wrapped Jess up in our Solly Baby Wrap and had an amazing time checking out the pretty flowers and cool and interesting trees and plants. Unfortunately we had picked a time where the feature pyramid was undergoing a change so it was filled with a bunch of beautiful flowers. Brynlee insisted on having a tea party with Lola complete with milk and fishy crackers in it since there were wrought iron patio sets scattered throughout. She is just too adorable.

Brynlee’s favourite parts about the Muttart:

– hanging out with Lola [always a fav]

– watching the water falls

– spying on other children

– and the koi fish in the pond to which she said “takeit … home”

Perhaps we will look into getting her a pet goldfish.


First Few Weeks With Jess


Jessica Olive is now 5 weeks old and is as sweet as can be. She currently has bright blue eyes just like her sister did as a newborn and the most amazing smelling chocolate brown hair. I am convinced she’s going to end up looking just like Brynlee with her long eyelashes and little button nose, but people keep saying they can see more of me. Ya well, I’m not going to get my hopes up just yet.

Jess is a fantastic sleeper… as long as she’s tucked into our bed at night. Right in the middle of our king size. This is the total opposite of Brynlee who slept in her crib in her own room from day one. Once again breastfeeding has been wildly successful and at one month she weighed 11 lbs 9.6oz, which is 3lbs 7oz more than her birthweight of 8lbs 3oz. She has already outgrown our limited selection of newborn clothing and is filling out 0-3 month onesies. Whoever came up with “big babies are happy babies” was bang on.

We introduced a soother pretty early this time and Jess has now taken a bottle from Craig twice. Our fav bottle is the Comotomo because it’s super easy to wash and is suppose to be great for breastfed babes. Brynlee was never great at taking a bottle so it was extremely difficult to get any baby-free time. One of the most important things I’ve learned since becoming a mom is the value in taking time to focus on yourself. In the end, that time you spend away from your babe absolutely makes you a better mom. Plus who doesn’t enjoy getting a well deserved pedicure 😉