Navigating Life With Two


This week my Mom and I took the girls to the Muttart Conservatory. I’ve realized that planning activities in the morning – whether it be a special outing or a quick trip to the park, makes life with two kids much easier. I’ve recently made it a priority to stick to routine and be back home by nap time. This is because Brynlee experienced a significant sleep regression when we switched her to her big girl room and again when Jess showed up. Nap time was hit or miss for a few weeks in our house and it was extremely hard on all of us. Now with a newborn, I definitely count on Brynlee’s afternoon snooze to catch up on some zzzzz’s myself.

Anyways, back to the Muttart. I had only been there once before but knew it would be a hit with Brynlee. While we toured the pyramids, I wrapped Jess up in our Solly Baby Wrap and had an amazing time checking out the pretty flowers and cool and interesting trees and plants. Unfortunately we had picked a time where the feature pyramid was undergoing a change so it was filled with a bunch of beautiful flowers. Brynlee insisted on having a tea party with Lola complete with milk and fishy crackers in it since there were wrought iron patio sets scattered throughout. She is just too adorable.

Brynlee’s favourite parts about the Muttart:

– hanging out with Lola [always a fav]

– watching the water falls

– spying on other children

– and the koi fish in the pond to which she said “takeit … home”

Perhaps we will look into getting her a pet goldfish.


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