Brynlee’s Favs These Days

binny room-2

Favourites [as per January fifth 2018]

Colour: still blue

Game: cheek kisses

  • ask her to kiss your cheek & at the last second turn your head and plant one on her

Food: toast

Drink: milk (of the cow, chocolate & snowman variety)

Best friend(s): Addy, Morgan, Eli, Molly & Sam

Thing to do: ‘play in my ice cream stall’ aka her fort

Princess: Princess Jessie!

Animal: elephants, horsies & elephants

Book: bedtime stories about Princess Brynlee (obviously!)

Thing to wear: pink snowsuit & donut jammies

Still obsessed with horses, trains & her baby sister. Insists daily on going outside to play in the snow & jump on Mom and Dad’s bed. Loves to ask people what their name is, their favourite colour and what they’re ‘doing here’. Still debating between becoming a baby doctor, astronaut & princess

binny snow film-5sheets-3binny

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