[as per December 2018]

  • 38 lb & 403/4 in
  • Baking connoisseur, concoction manufacturer & fort builder
  • Leaves toys for us to find in the most random places. At least once a week we will find toys, blankets & trinkets around our bedroom, tucked into beds and hidden in nooks, crannies and corners
  • Loves to also tuck people into bed: little sister, Mommy & Daddy… Daddy’s friend Duncan
  • Fav games: My little eye spies, Hide and seek, Family
  • Fav sayings:
    • Once upon a story…
    • I not want dat doe
    • I have a question
    • Yes? Or no?
  • Fav songs:
    • Fathers and daughters – Cole Swindell
    • Sweet Creature – Harry Styles
    • Can’t Help Falling in Love – Elvis
    • One Direction
    • Christmas Music!
  • Gathers up the nightlights and uses them as spotlights and microphones for dance parties
  • Calls Daddy Franken or Frankenstein when playing family. Will also call him Craig on occasion
  • Showers > Baths these days
  • Still in love with horses. Just waiting for her to ask Santa for one to put in our garden
  • Loves to be outside sledding, playing in the snow and walking Floyd
  • Alter ego: Scarlette
  • Has memorized the book Green Sheep
  • Loves to turn on Lola’s Christmas Village
  • Will stop and look at Daddy during dance class and wink

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