For my Heart

I’ve been feeling extremely conflicted lately.

I am a mother.
I am a photographer.
& I am also a frontline healthcare worker.

Since the onset of COVID-19, I stopped picking up casual shifts in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. This was mostly due to fear. Fear of the unknown and uncertainty around this ‘novel’ virus. Fear of contracting it and spreading it to my young family. Fear of more physical and social isolation if that were to happen. Fear of putting my parents at risk if we were to ask them to watch the girls while Craig and I both worked.

While I know this decision is what’s best for my family, I also feel guilty. Guilty that I’m not there with my fellow RNs, RTs, doctors, pharmacists, dieticians, HCAs, unit clerks, social workers, etc. I feel guilty that I’m not on the literal front line caring for the wonderful children in the PICU & ‘doing my part’ as I feel I should be.

So I did something that made my heart happy yesterday. I chose two very deserving families to take photos of for the #thefrontstepsproject while practicing social distancing.

I hope that these photos will help them remember this strange & crazy time. When the world shut down but time continued. I hope that they show these photos to their kids when they’re old and grown, and tell them of a time when the world went to sleep and woke up more beautiful than ever before.

Happy first birthday Hattie ✨
Welcome to the world Arthur 🌎

Photos taken from the sidewalk with my @sigmacanada 85mm 1.4 art

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