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I had the wonderful opportunity to meet these new parents last August and capture some beautiful moments as a family of three. Considering Mr. T is almost 9 months now and has like 4 teeth, I’m pretty sure I can’t actually call them new parents anymore. Plus you could also say that I am way behind on my blogging………………

Anyways! I have been receiving a lot of interest in lifestyle newborn shoots and would like to provide a little insight into my unique process.

Newborn lifestyle sessions take place in the comfort of your own home – no need to pack up your life and head to unfamiliar territory [especially in those early days]. Since I do not need a super sleepy newborn, I typically schedule these shoots for 10-14 days post due date. However, we all know that babies don’t normally do as they’re told and can arrive at any given time. Therefore, I recommend that you prebook up to a couple months in advance. Another reason why I like to wait, is you get a chance to settle in and learn about your new family member… after all, they really are just a complete stranger in the beginning! Finally, the additional time allows mamas [and dads] a chance to recuperate. Whether you’ve had a long labor or a complicated c-section, I want you all feeling your best during the session!

On the day of your photo shoot, you can expect a very relaxed atmosphere. I allot 1-2 hours per session because I don’t want anyone to feel rushed. This provides ample time for feedings, diaper changes and much needed snuggles. When I arrive, I will request a quick tour of your home to scope out the rooms with the best light and will typically start in the nursery and work my way from there.

Another question I get asked quite frequently is: what should we wear!? I love seeing babies in neutral sleepers/outfits or bundled in cute swaddles. I would recommend staying away from very bright colours as they can create color casts on baby’s skin. As for Mom and Dad, choose something that you are comfortable in while keeping in mind that you want these beautiful images to be timeless!

I hope this provides a better idea of what to expect! If you have any additional questions, feel free to fill out the contact form and send me a message 🙂

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