How To: #YEG Leg Grounds


A couple of weeks ago I hung out at the legislature grounds with two other mamas and all of our littles (6!). I had never been before and was a little intimidated (downtown is not usually my jam). I tried to do some research the night before but didn’t find much. So here is what I discovered! (& that the kiddos LOVED it)

For starters, here is the lay of the land!


When to Go

The north fountains are open 0800-2300 from May long weekend until Labor Day & are busiest around lunch time


We parked in Impark lot #237 (9901 – 108th Street NW). Cost: $7/hr with a $35/daily maximum. You can pay by credit card, cash & Pay by Phone


We packed our own snacks and lunches. However, there are typically two food trucks close by. To check out which ones, click here (super useful right!?)

What to Bring

Sunscreen, bug spray, bug net for smaller babes, large blanket to sit on (there are also picnic tables), snacks/lunch/drinks, bathing suit & towel, buckets & water toys, stroller, baby wrap, sunglasses & hats. The walk from the parking lot down to the pool is stroller friendly so load everything up and have a fantastic afternoon!


The north fountains, waterfall pool & legislature pool are most suitable for kids who can walk, while the wading pools are perfect for little babes who are just learning to sit.


The image above shows other parking locations, public washrooms and the nearest LRT station in case you want to take the train.

& finally here are some pictures from our outing. The top few are from the North fountains and the bottom is the legislature pool




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